Who are we?

We are passionate to assist you with home improvement idea and products which make you enjoy staying home with your loved ones!

Here’s some background about myself πŸ™‚

I was borne and grew up in Hong Kong, a typical “kong lui”. After getting married, I moved to Singapore to start my new page of life, I was hoping that the additional space in my new home will help to ease the situation I faced in Hong Kong, but I was wrong. I thought having a larger apartment would be able to accommodate all the things I have but I found that that wasn’t true.

Having more space doesn’t necessarily equate to less clutter. We need to know and understand the underlying rules to home organization and decluttering. We will also be able to create more convenience in our home and possibly reducing the amount of work needed to maintain the area.

One of the really big changes as well was how we made the living room a lot more of a desirable space to be in. That helped to improve the relationship of our family as all of us end up spending more time together as we all enjoyed being in the living room.

Which was why we also started CoolHomeLife.com, a website sharing with you all the best home organization and beautification products that will we have carefully selected to help to improve your living space.