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Home Organisation is easy

Flat surfaces are the most valuable kind of space you have in your home. More flat surfaces allows more convenience when you need to place things on them such as olders, documents, books or important bills to be places on your work desk, or ornaments and plants on top of your empty shelves or just having more space in the kitchen so you can cook up a nice meal much easier. However they are flat surfaces are also a magnet for attracting clutter. They are practically just screaming for stuff to be placed on them when your hands are full and you need an area to leave them. Then temporary becomes kind of permanent, and things starts to build up over time.

The best way around this is to identify certain objects that frequently appear in that area, and find certain home organization gadgets that can have them on walls. Attachments such as hooks or shelves that can be wall mounted are the most common ones to quickly reduce flat surface usage.

One big advantage of having empty flat surfaces is that it creates a sense of having a much spacious place than what it really is.

In the kitchen, you can make use of wall mounted shelves like these to organize your ingredients and small utensils.


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  1. Richie March 26, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Useful tips!

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