• Couple Washing Utensils

    • Environmental PP Material
    • Two cups + Leachate shelf
    • Built-in storage space for comb, cleanser and etc
    • Firm material prevent to break off easily
    • Leachate pores at the bottom
    • Compartmental storage
  • $17.90

    Drain Suction Rubber

    • Fine Meshes
    • Bulged Tentacles
    • Mongolian Ger Arc Design
    • Small Handle for easy carry
    • Elastic TPR Material
    • Durable
    • Wear-Resist
  • $44.90

    Hanging Toilet Tissue Box

    • ABS+PS Materials
    • Waterproof
    • Non-scratch mounting, Strong adhesive (Notes:Adhesive Tape is only for one-time use)
    • Clean removal from wall
    • Tissue roll or tissue box can be used
    • Visible windows allows tissue to be seen inside
    • Enables to put mobile phones, iPad or accessories on the roof of the box
  • Hot

    Magnetic Suction Cup Set

    • Magnetic Suction
    • Storage Space for toothpaste, toothbrush and etc…
    • Suitable for singles, couples and family of three
    • Made in ABS material
    • Simple Installation with no screwing or drilling

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